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Computer Aided RooM Analyser

Screenshot CARMA V4.0

CARMA (Computer Aided RooM Analyser) is Audionet’s software for measuring and assessing the acoustical characteristics of listening rooms and the identification and simulation of measures to avoid disruptive effects caused by the room.


The new CARMA 4 is now available. This latest version has been completely redesigned and is significantly more powerful. Measurement, evaluation and analytic presentation capabilities are state of the art. The program is intuitive to use and allows even beginners to obtain excellent results.


The  Audionet CARMA software makes it possible to locate and correct amplitude variations caused by your loudspeaker and your listening room. Amplitude variations in frequency domain can be corrected with up to 5 equalisers in a graphic environment. The corrected frequency response is immediately processed and shown on the display.   

The settings of each equalizer, i.e. frequency, quality etc., are processed automatically and listed in a separate window. These settings can then be used for a equaliser, e.g. the one that is integrated in the Audionet DNA, DNP or DNC.

CARMA 4 now also offers a powerful interface to Audionet’s networkable DNx systems. With this unique network it is possible to implement the best possible sound characteristics for every room.

The new CARMA 4 is available now, see download link on bottom of this page.


Program features

» intuitive and easy to use

» mono-, stereo-, multichannel- (up to 7.1) and separate stereo subwoofer (2.2) measurement

» depiction of the amplitude response of the measured item

» summation of the low-frequency parts of all channels

» virtual adjustment of subwoofer distance 

» depiction of the cumulative spectral decay of the loudspeaker-room system, also known as waterfall plot

» depiction of the impulse response h(t) in time domain

» zoom and scaling in time and frequency domain for more detailed view of the measurement results

» 4 overplots for measurment comparison

» saving and loading of measurements, overplots and equalizer settings

» export and printing of measurements and equalizer settings.

» correction possibilities for microphone characteristics

System Requirements

»  Java Runtime Environment Version 6.0 or higher

»  PC: Windows 98/2000/2003/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 with compatible full-duplex soundcard

»  Mac OS X Version 10.6 or higher

»  Microphone for frequency response measurements

»  External microphone pre-amplifier (recommended)